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Thank you for your interest! The POWER movement and fashion statement Is growing more and more rapidly every day!

Our influence comes from the world we live in today as well as yesterday. I know some quotes, sayings, and images may be hard to see, and some may even offend. Keep in mind the images are REAL. So while it may hurt to look at, POWER believes it has hurt us ALL much more to simply pretend it doesn’t exist.

While obviously equality for blacks is a big motivation here at POWER, so is inspiring change and conversation in all walks of life. Injustice knows no racial, sexual, or gender bias and neither do we. This line is not to promote hate, but to provide a way to deliver the message without words.

ALL PROFITS are donated to A2O-Ministry. Special thanks to those whom supported from the start. Most importantly All Praise To The Most HIGH The One and Only ALMIGHTY GOD!

Enjoy the site!

All Praise To The MOST HIGH!

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